Rimehome Province

As the north-western corner of Nevrion, Rimehome is an expanse of cold weather and dangerous creatures. The troll invasion rendered the sparsely populated province almost devoid of human inhabitants. The few who remain eke out a living, but are always ready to fight, retreat or die at a moment's notice. They live in isolated farmsteads camouflaged from wandering beings, and stay low-profile in order to survive.

Places of Interest

  • Log Hollow is a marsh and swampland visible from the town wall on a clear day. Is seems misty a lot of the time, and those who checked out the edges reported strange noises, from animals and the water, and a feeling of being watched. Those who ventured deeper have not been seen again.
  • The Mistwood is given a wide berth after sundown, as the mists the place got its name from start rolling with the setting sun. They seem to be swirling around on their own, without any corresponding wind, and seem to have feelers stretching out. Anyone who has ventured in to the mists was lost for days at least, sometimes over a month. After returning, they are unable to lead a normal life, as they see and hear things others can't. These visions either send them into stronger and stronger fits terror, or into talking more and more weirdness and losing touch with reality.
  • Witchglow Lake got its name from the strange light pulsing on or above it during some nights. So far nobody could find a pattern in the times of this phenomenon.

The Kingdom of Nevrion


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Nationality: Nevran, language: Nevish
A medieval kingdom with a fledgling monotheistic Church, which is sporadically prominent in cities and larger towns. The old-wayers are the keepers of old lore and beliefs, mystics who prefer proven merit over the political ranking in the Church. Old-wayers vs. the Church is a thing, but not overwhelming or defining the culture.


  • 2500: Years of Fire - 10 dragons awaken and devastate much of Gar-Serath, including Nevrion
  • 2504: a dragon is killed, the other 9 disappear, population is 1 tenth of before the Years of Fire
  • 3424: King Erthuane ascends to the throne after his father fails to return from a hunt for 1 year
  • 3422: invasion from the north hitting Wyrdshire, an army led by hags and reinforced by trolls, army defeated but hags disappeared, sporadic troll activity ever since; the Wolfborn of Highrock make a name for the race for their deeds in the fights against the hags' army
  • 3423: Longhope in Wyrdshire becomes a town
  • 3425: in Highrock the Graymane family gains official recognition and the first Wolfborn sheriff starts his service



  • Moirin, deity of lore and exploration, associated with crows and winter.
  • Sutera, deity of protection and healing, associated with bears and spring.
  • Gruwel, deity of fighting and passion, associated with wolves and summer. Followers organize themselves into Packs, which can range from 5-50 warriors. A pack either dedicates itself to a cause and mostly fights for that, or it sells its services to interested parties. Sometimes the price can be stunningly low, when the fight itself promises to be interesting and / challenging.
  • Kasili, deity of balance and cleansing, associated with snakes and autumn.


Tadun, Londe, Wygrove, Vastedahl, Gothriande, Saleah, Tawold, Hargione, Bessalla, Falorith, Nevrion, Beedon, Heley, Stestead, Fiford, Mebluff, Sledon, Lewich, Wedon, Cadale, Pebrook

Gar-Serath, the continent



  • Hargulin is a nation of no ruler, or of an infinite number of rulers, depending on who's asked. Shifting political alliances, arbitrary fees and taxes make it a risky place to trade, and a deadly social swamp to visit.
  • Nevrion is a kingdom, ruled by a royal family, served by noble families who control the land and the armies. The spiritual and merit-based old ways are the favourite with the majority of the population. There is a widespread church, the Church of the One Lord/Lady, but it is far from being the ruling faith.
  • North of the mountain range called Lirales lie the kingdoms of OsquaƱes, Astariore and Riallon. Their people are known for their passionate way of life, vivid arts and spicy cuisine.
  • Shai'Hada is an Empire of several allied dominions, along the southern edge of the continent, edged by the Lirales. Beaches, rocky highlands, lush forests and deserts dominate its lands. Life congregates around water, where it is opulent and vivid.
  • Wullhar occupies the harsh northern lands, its clannish people steeped in traditions of battle glory and storytelling.

The World of Ardail


Each culture has its own dozens of views of the cosmos, but there are several recurring patterns to be noted.

  • The spirit world is a place of ideas, potential and creativity. These are nice things, but mortals need solid bodies and spirits to stay who they are, and these are in danger when spending extended periods on the other side.
  • Innumerable types of spirits inhabit the spirit world, no list even comes close to mentioning the majority of them.
  • There are dark spirits that feed on grief, pain, fear and hopelessness, and these things can manipulate mortals into getting so overwhelmed by these emotions that they become susceptible to possession by the them.
  • There are dark spirits controlling a mortal body, a notion that's really terrifying in all cultures.


  • The tropical Dragon Islands are inhabited by tribal people worshipping dragons, said to be sleeping on the towering central islands (really high rock columns). Some people are joined by flying drakes, making them be able to travel and fight using flight.
  • Ennanthir is a continent spanning all climates, but there is next to no contact with it due to it being overrun by demons, and rendered into a state often hostile to human life. The middle part is now basically a gigantic swampland, full of demons and faeries. The northern region is an enormous ice cavern system, while the southern region is a single hot tropical jungle, many of its vegetation inhabitants hungry for mortal flesh. There are no great empires, a small town and several villages and hamlets is the largest community to exist.
  • Gar-Serath features all kinds of climates, characterized by a generallly strong attitude against dark spirits, including numerous open orders working to destroy or banish those. Swords, metal armors, bows and horses are the technology as a rule of thumb. There are several large kingdoms with centuries of history, and well-established social systems.
  • Shigata lies east of Gar-Serath. Travel is hazardous and draining between the two, due to the violent weather over the open ocean. Its cultures are rooted deeply in the past, rely more on rigid social rules than their western neighbours, and most empires only allow avatars to be rulers. Associating with dark spirits is frowned upon, but not openly persecuted.
  • Waineroo is found to the south-west of Gar-Serath and travel is even rarer than with Shigata, because it takes months even in a straight line. This is a continent with very strong connection to nature and nature spirits, and large, permanent settlements are very rare. Shamans (spiritual guide avatars of a tribe) are the most respected members of a community, and most tribes consider a long journey the coming-of-age ritual.